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This original program engages a child’s imagination with movement and guided imagery. Providing materials and encouragement so children can communicate what they experience through art. Exercising creativity builds self-esteem while demonstrating healthy ways to express a child’s feelings. Mindful Movement & Art is designed for families, schools and other organizations.

Welcome to Mindful Movement & Art. This is great way to engage your children’s imagination and help them express their feelings in healthy ways. This program is perfect for schools and other organizations who serve children.  Mindful Movement & Art promotes self-esteem and empowers kids to be themselves. And, it's lots of fun!! Mindful Movement & Art can be a field trip destination or we can come to you.

Mindful Movement & Art classes are not just for children. Masterpeace Studios will be offering Mindful Movement & Art workshops for adults.  These workshops will focus on a variety of topics, and each one will be an opportunity to take care of your body and mind, learn about yourself, and attain personal growth.  Check out the Class Schedule page for more information on the upcoming workshops. 

Masterpeace Studios offers programs for Girl Scout Troops.  Troops can arrange for a private yoga class or Masterpeace Studios instructors can facilitate a program to help troops earn age level awards.

For more information or if you would like to schedule a program for your class, group or family, please contact:

Meg Krejci
Executive Director