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Move Into Yoga & Art

Move Into Yoga & Art classes integrate movement, guided imagery and hands-on art.  In Masterpeace Studios nurturing environment, kids are given the tools they need to close the door on negative thoughts and open positive pathways. 

Movement involves a yoga session catered to the needs and ages of each group and will have kids exploring a new kind of fun, while discovering their own strengths. 

Imagery is a journey that begins with a guided relaxation helping children calm their minds and connect with the wonders of their imagination.

Art offers a creative outlet where children can express images inspired by the guided imagery and can serve as a reminder of the powerful future they've imagined. 

The results: Move Into Yoga & Art promotes self-esteem and empowers kids to be themselves. And, it's lots of fun!!


Digital Photograhy: Beginning: Portraits

With a professional photographer, learn how to take protraits. After you have practiced your new skills on friends and family, work on getting your pictures from the camera to a finished product with the help of a computer editing program.


The Art Studio offers a unique avenue for self-knowledge and exploration. We offer art as an expression through our core programs and through an exciting schedule of unique individual classes taught by local artist