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Myron Levinson, Licensed Massage Therapist, has 22 years of experience providing quality massage therapy.  Myron has proven expertise in the areas of Esalen, deep tissue and chair massage.  Through his years of experience Myron has integrated facets of different therapies that work wonders on knots and tension and he is able to individualize massages to meet the specific needs of each client.  At Masterpeace Studios, Myron performs Full Body Therapeutic Massages, Chair Massages, and Hot Stone Massages.   

Healing Arts is an integral part of our approach to health and wellness at Masterpeace Studios.
We offer Massage Therapy, Hot Stone Massages, Belavi Face-lift Facials, BEFE Detoxifying Foot Baths and many other specialty therapies.  Research supports the benefits of complementary therapies to sustain ongoing good health. Our skilled, certified therapists bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, care and commitment to their
healing work