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This original program engages a child’s imagination with movement and guided imagery. Providing materials and encouragement so children can communicate what they experience through art. Exercising creativity builds self-esteem while demonstrating healthy ways to express a child’s feelings. Move Into Yoga & Art is designed for families, schools and other organizations.

Mindful Movement and Art


To be determined- Please contact the studio Instructors


Class Fees 

  Movement and Art $130  for a 14 week session

We offer a $10 discount for a second child registered.

Any child is welcome to join us at any point in the session, we can pro-rate the session fee.

High School Yoga Class 4 week session $40


                                           Print a registration form                    


                                      We only accept payment by cash or check.

We also offer sliding scale fees based on household income and

discounts for registering more than 1 child.

Contact the studio for more information or

to register your child for a class 314-918-7747.

Children and Family Class Policies

  • Let the instructor know about any injury or medical conditions that may affect participation in the class. 
  • Masterpeace Studios instructors have experience working with children with disabilities, mental health disorders, behavior disorders, etc. and many Masterpeace Studios classes can be modified for children with special needs.  Please speak with the instructor before a class if your child may need extra attention or modifications to be successful. 
  • If your child has behavior problems during the class, s/he may be asked to sit out of the class.  If the problems are severe or occur repeatedly, s/he may be discharged form the class.  Fees will not be refunded if your child is discharged from a class due to behavior. 
  • Arrive a few minutes early for the class.  If you do arrive late, have your child quietly join the rest of the group. 
  • All Yoga equipment (children may bring their own mat) and art supplies are provided and included in the price of the class, unless otherwise noted. 
  • If you miss a class during a session, speak with the instructor about making the class up by attending another class during the 4 week session. 
  • You may wait at Masterpeace Studios for your child until the class has finished or you may leave and come back to pick your child up. 
  • Please make sure that you are on time to pick your children up.  Repeated late pick ups may result in discharge from the class.
  • Fees are due on the first class of the session or the first day that your child attends during a session (talk with the instructor if you are unable to pay the entire fee at one time).  Class fees will be prorated if you join a class after the session has already started. 
  • If your fee is not paid, your child will not be able to participate in the class.

By enrolling your children in Masterpeace Studios class(es) you are agreeing to follow the above policies, review the policies with your children, and work with Masterpeace Studios on any discipline issues that arise during your children's participation.