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The world’s oldest holistic self-development system, yoga, observes principles to create balance that helps
people thrive. Practice adult yoga, YogaKids, tai chi and other types of holistic movement with the area’s leading teachers.

Class Descriptions


Basic YogaCome stretch and strengthen your body, using the breath to focus the mind.  Our regular ongoing classes at the studio are open to all levels.  Classes will generally include sun salutations/vinyasas, breath awareness, a variety of yoga postures, and relaxation.   

Mindful Yoga -  As students move through a variety of yoga postures, they will be instructed on ways of learning to pay attention to their own inner experience. Gaining not only the fabulous stretch and strength of yoga, but also insight on one's emotions and body sensations. Students will also learn how to take the yogic philosophies they learn on the mat into their daily live. This class is appropriate for all levels.

Senior Yoga- a yoga class specifically for older adults who want to improve their flexibility, strength, balance and range of motion. This class is taught by Holly who is a certified Arthritis Foundation instructor.

- classes offer joyful movement, imagination, play, music and so much more!  YogaKids integrates language arts, games, music, storytelling and more to engage the "whole child" in the multiple intelligences theory of learning, employing ecology, anatomy, earthcare and life lessons that echo the yogic principles of oneness, interdependence and FUN!  YogaKids are happy kids!

Yoga & Art - these classes integrate movement, guided imagery and hands-on art.  In Masterpeace Studios nurturing environment, kids are given the tools they need to close the door on negative thoughts and open positive pathways. 

Movement involves a yoga session catered to the needs and ages of each group and will have kids exploring a new kind of fun, while discovering their own strengths. 

Imagery is a journey that begins with a guided relaxation helping children calm their minds and connect with the wonders of their imagination.

Art offers a creative outlet where children can express images inspired by the guided imagery and can serve as a reminder of the powerful future they've imagined. 

Yoga & Art classes are offered at the studio, can be designed specifically for your group, and classes can be delivered at your location.  Check out Yoga & Art home page for more info. 

Family Yoga - private family lessons can strengthen your family through yoga, reflection and art.  Contact Meg at or 314-918-7747 for more information and prices. 

Private Lessons - several of our yoga instructors are available to provide private yoga lessons to individuals or small groups.  If you would like to schedule a private lesson or would like more information, email Masterpeace Studios or call at 314-918-7747.